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Post Date: 9/16/2021

TSC Auction Announcement

As we prepare for our next auction, we find ourselves in need of certain materials and would be very grateful to anyone who wishes to farm them specifically for the auction! All auction farmers will receive a paycheck after the auction based on the amount of shares they donated.

Raw Fish
Perfect Roe
Chromium Plating

As a reminder, all materials must be sent to the TSC Vault by 11:59pm ET the Sunday prior to the auction.
Our next auction is scheduled for 10/2, so the deadline is 9/26.
Follow the link below for a full list if accepted materials.

Post Date: 8/17/2021

Auction Marquee

Hey y’all! On September 4th we will be holding our very first SOLO auction! Anyone who wishes to participate as an auction farmer is welcome to do so. Information as well as the list of accepted items can be found here: https://tamrielsavings.app/auctioninfo/
Anything donated that is not listed may not be counted towards your payable shares.
This is an exciting time for us and I am looking forward to seeing how we do as a guild.

Next Upcoming Event

Reaper’s Auction

21 January 2022
- Stonetooth Fortress
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Post Date: 7/24/2021

If we reach 1 million in deposits, I’ll throw in a Arena Gladiator Emote runebox for the 2nd prize.
If we reach 2 million, I’ll add in a Rage of the Reach Emote runebox for a 3rd prize!

Post Date: 7/12/2021

ESO Xbox Sales is now Tamriel Savings Co. The guild name has not been changed, however this is something that will happen, likely within the next month. We will host a guild meeting to officially announce all the changes happening. Keep an eye out for the date!