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Tamriel Savings Co.’s unique Item Database provides an in-depth look at completed sale prices, along with guild trader trends for the
Elder Scrolls Online®
North American server
on Xbox®

TSC ESO Price Check

Tamriel Savings Co is operated by two people doing something we enjoy for a game and community we love. We are not paid or funded by Zenimax, Bethesda, Microsoft, Xbox, etc. Donations ensure we can continue producing sales data relied upon by so many of you.

Other ways to access the TSC Item Database

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Thanks to you, what started as a hobby has grown into an amazing resource for the entire Xbox NA community. Tamriel Savings Co. is the #1 ESO price check service, where you’ll find what items actually sold for. We appreciate your continued support and be sure to check out other resources like
weekly Guild Trader locations and stall analysis!