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Where to begin, this one does not know.

I’m sure you’re all aware of the inventory UI issues and ZOS’ response. In case you aren’t, the biggest issue impacts every single player in the game: scrolling through the craft bag, items not leaving the inventory screen when selling to a merchant, and the most frustrating for me, scrolling through your inventory to list items in a guild trader. Here is ZOS’s response:

As odd as it may sound I don’t sell a whole lot through traders (to avoid accusations of market manipulation), however guild trading is a huge part of the in-game community and what I do here solely relies on players being able to utilize these basic features. So why is ZOS giving us the big middle finger? To quote someone I’ve secretly admired since long before ESOXS even existed (his spreadsheet game is on point!), 

“I am tired of [ZOS] sidelining the community, especially the console community, while prioritizing the new content
(which won’t work anyways). ”
– Blacknight841

He also shared a well-put statement in the forums, which you can find HERE. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts as well. They certainly didn’t respond well to the support ticket I submitted, but I’m not as well spoken as Blacknight when I’m angry.

Shame on you ZOS





How about we get on with the good stuff, eh?

Important News

My amazing programmer and I have taken some major strides lately with how we obtain, process and share data. To offset the increased costs, we intended to launch a sponsor program this month, however due to the in-game issues we decided to hold off. We’re keeping it on the table though, because it’s a pretty neat fundraising feature we think the community will get a kick out of. Anyone who wishes to donate to the cause in the mean time, may do so here.

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work out kinks and bugs and even more so, we appreciate those who let us know when something isn’t right. We’ve added a “Report Bug” link to the sidebar that shows up on most pages. Since the sidebar is not present on the Item Database main page, there’s a big ol’ link right above the search tool to contact us. Please use this form, rather than page comments, to report any errors or bugs. I personally get notifications anytime a form is submitted, to ensure we can address any issues as soon as possible.

In other news, we’ve increased the number of guilds we’re digitally scanning. As of today, we’re up to 27 guilds! Up until the trader UI issue happened we were pulling in more than 70,000 sales each week. Last week we got less than 40,000 (and ZOS doesn’t think it’s an issue worth fixing right away, smh).

We appreciate each and every one of you:

  • Apocolypse Traders
  • Ashes Of Red Mountain
  • Black Hand Trading
  • Bloodthirsty Alcoholics
  • Cramps
  • Dawn of the Wicked
  • Dungeons & Drinking
  • Embers Of Red Mountain
  • ESO Grand Designs
  • ESO Xbox Sales
  • Five Tenets Trading
  • Gang of Richards
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Mischievous Misfits
  • Nirn Of Your Business
  • Red Mountains Finest
  • Silk Road Trading Company
  • Strength Of Warriors
  • Tamazon
  • Thee Dragonborn Warriors
  • This Is Not A Cult
  • Vaults of the Consortium
  • Vixxen’s Valor
  • Warriors Might

Per usual, let’s do some…

Bishop, yeah you, I’m talking directly to you…
what gives man? Share your secrets!
You’ve hired the same trader for 56 weeks straight!

And how about those who’ve hired a trader every week since ESOXS began 117 weeks ago.
These guilds deserve a big round of applause!

  • Dungeons and Drinking
  • Gang of Richards
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Squizzys Trade Company
  • Strength of Warriors
  • Vaults of the Consortium

Lastly, I’d like to take a moment to address a comment that was left on the website by one of our users:

“Your name is Apt. you are savage AF, mkay?
I wanted to do what you did before you did it but just have mental health challenges. Your hero though not just because you have changed the trading game on Xbox but you have begun a thriving enterprise playing a game you hopefully enjoy. Dream job. Congrats bro!”

Respecting their privacy, I will not reveal the name of the commenter, however this touched my heart so deeply I just had to share it with everyone. 

I have struggled my entire life with mental health issues (I could list them off but that would take too long) and a neurological disorder. I have faced ruthless adversities throughout life, things people can’t even imagine all happening to one person. I do not seek pity nor comfort, I only want you to know this:

If the sky is the limit, how come there are footprints on the moon? Don’t let ANYTHING stop you from chasing your dreams. And when it seems impossible, make it possible!

I was almost at the end of my rope, both in my personal life and with this project, when someone dear to this community introduced me to my programmer. It’s a laughing matter now, but when I first starting discussing the potential future of ESOXS with him, I was skeptic at best. I actually compared him to a used car salesman.

He didn’t take that very well.

In my defense, he came on very strong; lets do this, I can do that, give me access to this, we’re changing that. My anxiety went through the roof! When I took a step back though, I realized my silent pleas to the Divines were being answered. We hit the ground running and haven’t stopped since! 

Thank you sooooo much for your comment, the respect, and your gratitude. Worthy, this one is not, and as my little buddy Master Yoda once said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

Now I’m going to watch some Star Wars and eat some tacos!
Much love and keep on trading! – SavageAFmk