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TSC Assistant is here to help you!

I am excited to introduce you to the TSC Assistant, Our new Discord bot!

When we created the original bot, it was our first time developing one and we were learning as we go. As you all know, we’ve experienced some bugs along the way. With the transition to Tamriel Savings Co., we weren’t able to change the bot’s name because Discord doesn’t allow this once a bot is on more than 100 servers, and we’re on more than 1000! With the upcoming slash command and message intent changes coming to all of Discord (and after much tinkering and debating), we’ve decided to create a NEW BOT!*

Not only does it allow us to change the name, but we’re able to exterminate all the little bugs and hopefully prevent anymore from making their way in. It also allows us the ability to expand on the bot’s capabilities in the future. One feature we’ve already added is a new command. As shown in the image below, using “/website” pulls up a grid with the most popular links (it’s important to note the TSC Assistant only responds to slash commands now).


When you add the new bot to your server, you will notice it needs more permissions than before. This is due mostly to the requirements from Discord, however these permissions do not breech privacy and personal data. Adding the bot is also easier than ever before!

*Please note the existing bot (ESO Xbox Sales) will be shut down April 28, 2022