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Flames of Ambition you say?

Cool new ouroboros you say?

This one is totally digging the new vibes (totally not digging the new glitches, but that’s a whole different story)!Thanks to my amazingly talented designer*, I am super stoked to share the new ESO Xbox Sales imaging with you!

*All ESO Xbox Sales brand imaging is created and donated by DesignLogan, so drop him a line on Xbox and show some love!

In other news…

We’ve made some pretty major changes on the back end of things that have greatly improved how things are done, managed, processed, etc. It will also gradually increase the amount of sales we’re able to record. The more sales we record, the more accurate the data is we provide. There is a downside though; the more data we process, the more financial cost we incur. As most of you know, ESO Xbox Sales is provided to the community free of charge and we would like to keep it that way. However, we do not have magical infinite supply coin purses.

Donations are always accepted and can be made through several 3rd party apps (donate here), but we’ll also be launching a paid sponsor program very soon! Basically, you will pay a small monthly fee and have your gamer tag, guild name or even 3rd party business name displayed in item search results. We’re still working out the kinks, so an official announcement should come out sometime next month. If you have any fundraising suggestions or ideas, head over to the Contact page and drop us a line!

I feel like I’m forgetting something…
Since I can’t remember lets move on to…


Starting off, here’s the list of my data contributing guilds:

  • Apocolypse Traders
  • Ashes of Red Mountain
  • Bloodthirsty Alcoholics
  • Cramps
  • Dawn of the Wicked
  • Dungeons & Drinking
  • Embers of Red Mountain
  • Five Tenets Trading
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Too
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Mischievous Misfits
  • Nirn of Your Business
  • Red Mountains Finest
  • Strength of Warriors
  • Tamazon
  • Thee Dragonborn Warriors
  • This Is Not A Cult
  • Vaults of the Consortium
  • Warriors Might

If I forgot one, I’m sorry! Comment below and I’ll add you in.

Now on to our heavy hitters!
    Here’s our guilds holding steady at 110 weeks:
  • Dungeons and Drinking
  • Gang of Richards
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Too
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Squizzys Trade Company
  • Strength of Warriors
  • Vaults of the Consortium

***If you are a member of Gang of Richards or Squizzys Trade Company, I’d like to get in contact with an officer or GM in each. Shoot me a message on Xbox @SavageAFmk please! 

And of course, this one must give a shout out to the guild who’s still holding onto the same stall the most weeks consecutively:


They’ve been holding steady since ESO Xbox Sales (fka ESO Xbox Sales History) reached it’s one year anniversary.
Visit them in Evermore today!

Much love and happy trading to all! – SavageAFmk