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RudyRudiger is the guild master of CLAN RUDEIGER, a smaller guild with approximately 100 active members, and someone that I have had the immense pleasure to get to know for this month’s feature. Rudy started the guild in December of 2015 and has built it up towards the success it knows today. Though it has had several different sides over the years, such as hosting events, today it is primarily a trading guild and one that has become a staple in the community. He shared with me his memories of learning of new ways to farm and turning a profit which had picked up over the years, and how he now loves sharing this knowledge with newcomers of the game and guild members, and the silent sense of pride he feels at their successes.

Tamriel Savings Co. began recording traders 190 weeks ago and CLAN RUDEIGER has successfully hired a trader 151 of those weeks. Rudy likes to bet on multiple traders in various zones, though his typical stalls are in Bleakrock and Auridon, so make sure to keep an eye when you’re in the area!

He describes the guild as a “hybrid” because it’s a mixture of a dues free and paid dues trader. For clarification, a dues trader is one that has a set amount that a new member must pay in order to access their trader to sell their items through, whereas a dues free trader does not ask for a payment, but instead might ask for donations.

With the guild’s hybrid system, the dues are based on how much a guild member sells in the trader. He believes his ‘hybrid due system’ helps guild members become better traders. That said, Rudy welcomes all players in his guild, even if they don’t use the trader. He tries helping his members, or really anyone willing to learn who is new to the trader game, as well as provide tips on money making practices and introducing them to other avenues for offloading their goods. He admitted to me with a wry smile in his voice how some members were shocked at their own profits, not realizing the veritable goldmine their craft bags were.

RudyRudiger is what some would call a vanilla, a person who has played since the launch of ESO, and he was reminiscing with me how everyone used to help one another in the beginning of the game. When the experience was new for everyone the knowledge gap between players was marginal at best, and he felt a great sense of community because of that. Most vanillas are endgame players now and while he respects their success, he sees how some of them tend to leave the noobs in the dark, what a lot of the community refer to as elitists. Rudy wanted to be the opposite of an elitist because he misses the old camaraderie of ESO and how it brought people together, so he takes new people under his wing and shows them mechanics, teaches them how to trade, and most importantly shows them kindness by helping in any way needed. Following his example, Rudy hopes to see more players go back to their roots of being helpful and building this community together.

I’d be remiss if I forgot to mention that RudyRudiger also started a YouTube channel during the pandemic called Rudy Vision*, which focuses on farming, making money, and general tips on running a guild. He is especially proud of his series called ESO Create Your Own Guild, which focuses on creating and running guilds. The series has 7 episodes available to watch, but he has plans on expanding it over time. His weekly videos on price guidelines, based on what items are being sold in guild traders, as well as a recent video sharing an easy farming route for Nirncrux are also interesting and informative. Rudy told me that the YouTube channel is going to stick around as long as ESO is a game, and the enjoyment he gets from making the videos and helping the community is worth the effort. Be sure to check out his channel for a new trick or two, and if you see RudyRudiger22 or a CLAN RUDEIGER, be sure to say hello!

Find ESO’s Rudy Vision here:

*There are two channels on YouTube called Rudy Vision. If you see videos for a well-known post-apocalyptic game, you’re in the wrong place.

Are you ready? These 2 events are often run back-to-back. Both events offer a double XP bonus and both offer the opportunity to get nearly unlimited reward coffers. The first coffer you get will always be a gold one and all coffers after are purple quality. The gold coffer will have a chance to drop the best rewards but all coffers have items of value.

These two events will drop motifs, runebox parts, achievement materials, crafting materials, furniture plans, recipes, furnishings and rare items.
A very valuable item, the recipe for Dubious Camoran Throne, is used frequently by stam based characters and only drops during Jester’s Festival. Meanwhile the Worm Cult motif chapters only drop during the Jubilee event and are also worth a lot of gold! Drop rates are increased for the events too, so even a standard daily reward coffer will have a greater value throughout Jubilee. There are countless motif chapters that can drop, so expect motif prices to crash until at least a month after the festivals have ended. The Jubilee also drops furnishing recipes only acquired this time of year, like Imperial style furniture, that are quite valuable as well. Other recipes, like Jewels of Misrule, are not frequently used by players but sell quickly to collectors.

New items sell at outrageous prices the first 2 days of all events and steadily drop as more players acquire them. A newly released skin will sell for 100k on the first day of the event and will drop to as little as 1k by the last day of the event. Some people think it’s outrageous to charge 100k on the first day, however, this author believes any player too busy or disinterested in farming the events has the right to pay 100k and move on to their preferred activities.

Coffers can contain really simple materials like rubedite ore but they can also contain difficult to obtain materials like clam gall, powdered mother of pearl and even Aetherial Dust. Expect prices on these kinds of items to dip as the market will become flooded with them as well. My suggestion is that it is best to hold those materials until High Isle drops in June.

The events drop many items of lesser value including knick knacks for your home, green recipes, common treasures and trophies (intended only to sell to a merchant) items you need for achievements (like pies of misrule), items for runeboxes (joker popper parts), etc. All of these things can bring in gold after you have completed your event achievements and finished your runeboxes. Drop rates fluctuate for every event and can be hard to predict. This makes pricing items difficult on the first day until the current drop rate has become obvious.

For the Jester’s Festival, players will only need 1 quest slot open in your journal. The quests are short, easy to complete and fairly quick and are also pretty humorous. A new quest was added last year in Stormhaven that includes fighting a boss in a closed instance area. Players can complete all Jester quests without worrying about their fighting ability or damage per second.

For the Jubilee event, players will receive coffers when they complete any repeatable daily quest in any zone. If you want to maximize coffers, consider completing as many daily quests as possible in advance. DLC boss and delve quests are a good choice. Harrowstorms, Dragon Hunt and Geyser quests are also good choices. Complete daily quests on as many characters as you like, but do not turn them in until Jubilee has begun. Remember to also run to a craft area and complete daily crafting writs as well. If players prefer PvP, there are countless quests to do including battleground quests, Imperial Sewer quests, Cyrodiil mission boards and town quests. There are a total of 6 towns to quest in, each with 2 different quest givers, each of the quest givers offering 5 different quests. There are hundreds of repeatable daily quests to choose from.

Good luck and happy event farming!

Two argonian brothers are walking through the swamp when an evil mage appears and turns one into a tree. Scared, the second argonian brother runs back to his village to speak to the village elder. Concerned, the village elder asks, “Did your brother say anything before he was transformed?” The argonian brother replies…

“No, he just hist.”

This is a scholarly retelling of a tradition transmitted through the Ashlanders, concerning the battle at Red Mountain and subsequent events: the murder of Nerevar, the tragic fate of Dagoth Ur, and the profane source of the Tribunal’s divine power and their ascension. These stories are denied by Temple doctrine as ignorant Ashlander superstition, and not widely known among civilized Dunmer.

Resdayn, present day Morrowind, was contested ground between two very different types of mer: the Chimer, who worshiped Daedra, and the Dwemer, who worshiped a profane and secret power. These two people warred with each other constantly until their lands were invaded by a young, vibrant, and violent alien culture, the Nords.

In these dark times two heroes, one from the Chimer, Indoril Nerevar, and one from the Dwemer, Dumac Dwarf-Orc,
made peace between their people and together ousted the alien invaders (thus signaling the end of the first Nordic Empire). Then these two heroes worked long and hard to maintain that peace thereafter, though their counselors thought it could not last, or worse, that it shouldn’t. Nerevar’s queen and his generals– Almalexia, Sotha Sil, Vivec– told him to claim all Resdayn for his own. But Nerevar would not listen, for he remembered his friendship with Dumac. There would be only peace.

In this false peace Dagoth-Ur arrived. House Dagoth had discovered the source of the profane and secret power of the Dwemer: the legendary Heart of Lorkhan, which Dumac’s people had used to make themselves immortal and beyond the measure of the gods. In fact, one of their high priests, Kagrenac, was building a New God so that the Dwemer could claim Resdayn for their own.
The Tribunal urged Nerevar again to make war on the Dwarves. Nerevar was troubled. He went to Dumac, his friend of old, and asked if what Dagoth-Ur said was true. But Kagrenac and the high priests of the Dwemer had kept their New God secret from their King, and Dumac said the Dwemer were innocent of any wrongdoing. Nerevar was troubled again and made pilgrimage to Holamayan, the sacred temple of Azura, who confirmed that all that Dagoth-Ur said was indeed true and that the New God of the Dwemer should be destroyed for the safety of not only Resdayn, but for the whole world. When Nerevar went back and told his Tribunal what the goddess had said, his queen and generals felt themselves proved right and again counseled him to war. There were reasons that the Dwemer and Chimer had hated each other forever. And as we all know the Dwemer are no more.
Look for our next issue to learn of their fate, as well as that of the Noble Nerevar.

Public auctions within the ESO community have quickly become one of the most popular ways to generate income for various guilds. Vaults of the Consortium, Tamriel Savings Co, This Is Not A Cult, Order of the Reapers, Molten Whip, and many other established or up-and-coming trading guilds utilize auctions for the purpose of funding guild expenses.

Most guilds have a set schedule, which the auction community follows each month. Doing so helps ensure events don’t overlap, potentially causing a guild to lose business. The people within the community boast friendly faces, are supportive of each other, and offer a fun place to be. In a world where guilds fight each other to hire a trader each week, these guilds are working together to achieve the same goal.

A part of what makes public auctions such a fun place to be, are the auctioneers that emcee each one. The two auctioneers you’ll run into most often are iScoundrel and ProphetPK, each with their own, unique and very distinguishable, auctioneering style. iScoundrel, guild master of Vaults of the Consortium, has a sharp, quick, Texas-style way of auctioneering. ProphetPK, the Molten Whip guild master, has a more laid-back, always cracking jokes, Hank Hill vibe. Though these two are the main auctioneers you’ll meet, there are a few newer faces beginning to emerge for this particular auction role.

Auctions are held almost every Friday and Saturday, starting around 8pm Eastern at the Stonetooth Fortress in Betnihk. Sunday afternoon auctions are slowly becoming a regular event as well. The atmosphere is always an enjoyable one, with everyone talking and bidding, buying and selling, catching up and catching deals. Each guild provides unique, eye-catching banners or flyers that detail all of the lots that are up for grabs, which you can find on a number of Band pages, Facebook groups, Discord servers, as well as the TSC website.

Items you’ll find up for grabs at auctions range from all types of materials, furnishings, and so much more. In short, if you’re looking for a way to spend your hard-earned gold on some great product deals, have a night of fun, meet new people, or all of the above, public auctions may be what you’re looking for!

Head over to for the auction schedule. We look forward to seeing you!

The dust has settled, AP has been tallied, and victory has been claimed! Whitestrake’s Mayhem is typically a time of great joy (and sweating) for seasoned PvPers, where two times a year we get to revel in double AP riches and the rewards from endless boon boxes. Countless players bask in glory as they are crowned Emperor! Once it’s over though, a slow, mild exhaustion creeps over Cyrodiil. Alliance home keeps are a bit quieter than we remember, server populations are lacking, and good fights can nary be found. Fear not though, the most heartened and bloodthirsty warriors remain to defend to the death against invading alliances. There is no rest for the wicked, so strap up your sabatons and unsheathe your sword! The generals are waiting…

To cover a quick recap of the campaigns, DC took the victory by a large margin in Ravenwatch. The combined forces proved too much to fight back. With constant pushing on the emperor ring and a solid showing of large groups, DC could remain on top if they can continue keeping up the pressure. In Blackreach EP took a second victory in a row, which was no small task to assemble and join forces from other campaigns to take over a campaign that had largely been dominated by DC for the previous year. AD did their best to push emperors and keeps, they gave an incredible showing, but the dominating numbers of EP proved too much to hold back. DC took control of the Greyhost campaign again, due in large part to the resident TRVP crew. The method of taking keeps during off peak hours and holding them through prime time is the most sure-fire method of success. If you’re not a Greyhost resident then you might not understand how difficult taking a keep can be when dealing with a full locked server population; it becomes too overwhelming to siege and much easier to defend. Congratulations to the victors!

LET’S TALK META: Often, when new patches arise, we take time to see what the new meta will bring. Will it be tanky? Will it be raw stats? Will it be damage mitigation? Usually, big meta-archetypes are drawn from changes to the Battle Spirit buff inside of Cyrodiil and less from sets, but both may play an impactful role along with class changes. Recently we saw a big swing in DK viability with the resource return increase of the Combustion Passive. More-so, and possibly the largest meta change ever, with the release of Plaguebreak and Dark Convergence, which has forever tainted the battlefield with its incursion. So, what can we look forward to with the next patch? Well first, expect many low-ranking toons to carry the grand overlord title, as Zenimax decided to make the most prominent and reputable achievement account wide. Once again, to the bane of long-time clout players, ZOS has let down many in the community. As you can see, I am not a fan of these changes either, and although you do not get to carry your stars over to new toons, I strongly believe PvP achievements should be character based. To do so otherwise, undermines the efforts of long-term players, but I suppose that is not a new approach for ESO developers. My 2-cents may not matter, but I said what I said.

RISING OF THE TIDE: With Ascending Tide rapidly approaching, I would be remiss if I didn’t take time to discuss upcoming changes. We’ve seen the hybridization of armor weights, allowing us to customize gear more freely (as opposed to being a bi-product of your set and max resource). Then gear sets were changed to include a universal “Offensive Penetration” and “Weapon AND Spell Damage” modifiers. Now, to complete the cycle, all skill tool-tips will become contingent and scale based on the character’s dominant stat (weapon or spell damage). As seen on the PTS, this ends only one way. All praise and glory to the new meta: “BIG F***ING HEALS!” Stamina has typically dominated small-scale and 1vX play in Cyrodiil because of the resource pool. Simply put, Core Combat Skills cost stamina. For such a reason, we’ve had successful solo play with a high stamina pool and reduced costs to your core combat skills (Well-Fitted, Sturdy, Survival Instincts CP passive).

This type of long-term fighting gameplay required a bit of defensive work as well. With these changes to the skill modifiers, players will essentially have access to healer (role) quality heals without any extra effort or build work. Skills like Honor the Dead and Resistant Flesh are essentially getting an incredible, albeit indirect buff. In my opinion, those skills are currently already amazing on their stamina counterparts and I’ve been known to occasionally run a restoration staff on my back bar. On the PTS, I’ve seen totals such as 18k Intensive Menders, and 24k Radiating Regenerations on stamina-based toons, which I’m sure is just the beginning.

We have been running dual-wield and 2-handed on our mag toons for some time now. The same is true that classes such as the MagDK and MagDen will have sufficient access to executes, which they lacked drastically prior. We can now get our best tool tips from weapon or spell damage and in turn put more effort into our health. I suspect 20k mag and 25k stamina would be enough for most builds with the proper recoveries for your playstyle. Ironic to me, the hybridization is intended to diversify gameplay, however it may result in universally linear builds; narrow floor with a low ceiling.

LOOKING AHEAD: What can we expect moving forward? It is difficult to forecast what may happen with the PvP Meta in the long-term. Immediately, I believe people will move towards burst damage options to burn down foes as fast as possible. Damage-over-time builds may suffer slightly in regards to huge spot (on-the-spot) heals. At this point, there’s no reason not to equip a restoration staff on your back bar. The benefits are too great to miss and not doing so you may put yourself at a disadvantage. Although, Spell Wall is, was, and ever will be OP, RIP to the sword-and-board! This may require more gamers to return to double damage sets and still be beefy on the back bar with access to major mending and solid resource return. With the need for great recoveries for both magic and stamina; the need for a large resource pool has dwindled. We can expect to see the Wretched Vitality set in many builds, which is even better when paired with Magma Incarnate for that extra boost to both recoveries. Add a dash of Orzorga’s Bear Haunch and well, you have the shell of the new Cyrodiil Meta.

Thank you all for not only reading, but for all our encounters on the battlefield. Sometimes the truth is blurred behind alliance colors (as well as toxic mouths and keyboards), however that truth is we need each other. We need every one of us. Without us there are no enemies, there are no amazing fights and healthy organic scenarios on the battlefield. Situations might not always go your way, but from that challenge, legends are born. Whether you enjoy solo play or the fine nuances of synergistic comp group, PvP will certainly be changed forever. How will you adapt? I’d like to thank my contributors and eyes on the ground for opinions, campaign feedback, and extremely lengthy debates about builds. If you see Tendoshii, SplashBox08, or myself out there, be sure to drop a bag and say “Hi!”

That is of course, if you have the lead in your pencil to take us down.