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Why am I doing this? It’s a question I keep asking myself since Savage asked me to write this foreword.

I’m sure you all are familiar with the feeling, but the truth is it’s so obvious… You all are my people. Each of us has someone or something keeping us here; for me it’s my officers and everyone who’s come and gone that helped me build my guild. We each have our own story, our own legacy (even if we don’t think so), and ultimately when it all comes together it becomes our history as a community. Help me and my officers tell your story, your history, and in time I hope you all see this collective of troublemakers, rogues, and noble folk alike the way I do.

Now you probably want to know what this is. Let me be the first to introduce the Tamriel Free Press. The dumb idea a noob had when he realized that there were different kind of guilds, and honestly, I got to say still one of my finest. It’s pretty straightforward in all truth; we’re going to interview a guild’s leadership and write a story for everyone else to read. We’re also including some basic how to articles for all things ESO provided by Miss Pan of Reapers Alliance.

For my fellow lore junkies and roleplay addicts, we’ll have a story column called “As the Nirn Turns,” where you’ll read a tale from the perspective of someone who lives in Tamriel. As time goes on, we’d like to add more variety and are looking for people who’d like to contribute stories for everything from PvP to Housing. If you’re interested in contributing, please let us know!

I cannot, in all good conscience, take full credit. SavageAFmk, owner of Tamriel Savings Co., had been working on this herself and a beautiful confluence of events brought us together. My goal is to be honest and compassionate with every story no matter the subject. I genuinely want to learn more about all of you and this is honestly the best excuse I could come up with. I hope you enjoy our first issue!

A look inside one of Tamriel’s many trading guilds

The man behind the guild currently holding the same trading stall the longest, Apocalypse Traders, is Feral Omen. Casually referred to as APOC, he started the guild with farming and trading in mind. When he began hiring traders the guild was dues free, however the stress of holding a stall each week became unbearable, which is completely understandable because it is a lot of work. When dues were implemented, the guild went through a rough transition period, however Feral did everything he could to make sure it survived. To thwart some of the backlash he received for charging dues in a “free trade” zone like Hollow City, he came up with great marketing tactics and events to keep the membership interested and involved.

Initially, he was hosting events himself along with raising gold for the trader, which took a toll on him.

Everything changed when he began hiring trusted members to host in his stead. APOC provides special events that help members learn different ways to make gold throughout the game, which are especially beneficial to newer members. The guild also has a rank for members who prefer not paying monthly dues or don’t need trader access. Having this unique rank, even if he prefers members to pay, shows how accommodating he is as a guild master.

Feral loves connecting with his guild members as much as he can, both in game and by using the Band app. APOC’s Band page is broken down into various chats to fit the members’ needs, or even their level of humor. Interestingly enough, he also plays music in guild voice chat for daily entertainment. Known as KPOK-APOC Radio, he plays all types of music to connect with everyone in his guild. Members can even request a song they want to hear, just like a real radio station. His members genuinely respect him and love his support.

To keep Apocalypse Traders running, Feral has a team of managers and officers who he treats very well and does his best to help them improve as leaders. The guild’s leading lady is Mysticka Pegasus. She helps out with everything under the sun. Tasked with keeping track of weekly raffles and monthly dues, training the team of managers, scheduling events, coordinating with event hosts, and managing the guild’s Band, she loves working for Feral as well as her huge workload. Mysticka also loves how close everyone is in the guild and even feels heartbroken when people leave for any reason.

When a sniper guild hit Silk Road Trading Company (at the time they’d held the same trader stall the longest), APOC was next in line to be taken down. Feral shared what happened to his guild and told his members not to interact with those responsible. Though she didn’t want to go against his wishes, Mysticka made a bold statement, standing by the trader stall waiting for them to show up, because she wanted to kill them with kindness in zone chat. Members helped out with donations to help secure the trader and the guild united as one. This event helped his officers and him come together and create a stronger bond. Mysticka liked the way Feral handled the situation stating, “He never went down to the level of haters.” He also re-learned what holding a trader is like during a bid battle, which opened his eyes more for the future.

The future of Apocalypse Traders holds a lot of potential with new ideas and growth. Feral plans on building a new guild house with different themes throughout the months and hosting new events. There will be parsing dummies with creepy plants, costume contests, and events based on DLCs, just to name a few. Feral recently started regularly scheduled in-guild auctions after testing out flash auctions.

He did this with hopes of one day jumping in with the big fish of the public auction scene. The complete picture of the future is holding the trader, continuing making money with farming materials, learning more ways to make money, and growing the guild to 500 members.

“Why get good, when you can be better?”
-Feral Omen

One thing Feral gets out of being a GM is “the success of the community”. He holds on to the social part of the game and knows how to benefit from people in ESO. He thinks the game is exciting when people gain achievements, believes the small things in the game make having a goal important. Pressing, teaching, and learning are all important aspects about ESO for him.

The Alessian Order was not founded by Saint Alessia.  It was founded after her death, by a prophet named Marukh, in response to elven rule. The Order’s “Seventy Seven Inflexible Doctrines” focused on opposition of elves, but successive Alessian generations expanded them to include all non-human races.

It is said that Belharza the Man-Bull, born from the relationship between Alessia and Morihaus (Demigod son of the Divine Kyne), was the first Minotaur. It was the Alessian Order who are responsible for the purging all Minotaur from the Empire, thus destroying their language and culture. You will find them lingering around old sites, remains of the Alessian empire, hard wired to protect that which was taken.

The Alessian Order downfall began with the defeat at Glenumbra Moors. When the Clan Direnni, led by Laloriaran Dynar from High Rock, defeated Faolchu and his forces (some of you may know this story if you have done the zone map in Glenumbra). However, it was the Bretons who eventually rose above the rest and claimed their land.

Learn more about the Bretons and their history in the upcoming chapter, High Isle, where we’ll venture to never before explored Systres Isles Archipelago, in the western sea.

Available positions at SRT

Sports Writer – 2 positions
Our PVP Sports Writer will provide non-biased updates on Cyrodiil and Battlegrounds, including leaderboard standings, monthly campaign progress and battles for emperorship. We also seek a PVE Sports Writer, who can provide leaderboard details and battle strategy tips for group trials and arenas.

Cartoonist – 1 position
We are seeking a cartoonist to kick off our “comics” section. All artwork must be original and fit the lore/gameplay of ESO.

Fiction Writer – 1 position
A niche position requiring plenty of imagination and story writing skill.

Please email a letter of interest along with an example of your work and Xbox gamer tag to [email protected]. Note, these are volunteer positions and you will not be compensated for your work.

Tamriel Savings Co. is now 3 years old! We’ve gone though few name changes along the way, but at the core we remain the same. Our goal has always been to provide the ESO Xbox NA community with a resource to look up guild trader sales data. There are other pricing tools out there, but what makes us unique is we tell you how much the items have actually sold for, not what they’re listed for. In some cases, these numbers can be drastically different, which is why we feel it’s so important to put the information out there. TSC has certainly come a long way since it started!

When this project launched, we were manually recording approximately 10,000 sales a month. Imagine sitting in front of a screen for hours on end typing out sales data line by line. It was rough! We’ve made some major improvements along the way and now we’re recording in excess of 100,000 sales a week! The number of guilds we’re pulling data from has increased from a handful to 31! Out of the 253 trading stalls across Tamriel, that’s a pretty good spread, especially since the majority of the guilds we use are in prime trading locations.

TSC also keeps a record of what guild is in which stall every week. Initially, I was having to travel to each stall to see who was there, but thanks to the in-game Guild Finder I can get most of the info I need from there. We also provide a list of guilds actively hiring traders, which shows how many weeks they’ve had a trader, how old the guild is, and contact information if available. One feature that is probably the most overlooked, is the trader stall analysis, which gives a peek at the history of each trading stall.

In addition to providing sales data and guild trader info, TSC has a few divisions, each providing unique services. I manage an in-game guild, Tamriel Savings Co, open to all players. We have TSC Tax Authority, which is a niche, behind the scenes service. I’d go into details, however TSCTA isn’t accepting new clients at this time, so I’ll spare you the boring details. Our newest division is TSC Publishing, responsible for bringing you this awesome newspaper! Suggestions on what we should do next? I do love getting feedback from the community and you can reach me on Band, Facebook, Discord, through Xbox, or submit a contact request on the website.

This issue: A peek at farming alchemy materials

Alchemy Farming: There are many ways to farm for alchemy ingredients. It is important to distinguish what type of alchemy material you want to farm and choose the best farm for it. I break alchemy farms into 3 categories: solvents, reagents and uncommon reagents.

Solvents: Water is everywhere in Tamriel. The best spot for me to farm water is in Belkarth, Craglorn. Because the population is usually high on the Server, the respawn rate is pretty quick. Small streams run throughout the town from Spellscar all the way down to the apple orchard south of town. The best way to farm low level water is to adjust your alchemy skill points. You need to take points out completely and make it so you can only craft low level potions. Farm a few stacks then add 1 skill point. Farm a few stacks more the add more points. Just make sure you have the amount you want before adding another point.

Reagents: There is no place better than Coldharbour for plants. The city is designed for beginners and every player comes here during the main quest line. Beginners need to start crafting low level, simple potions for daily writs. The Hollow City is the best place to find reagents like Columbine, Corn Flower, Dragonthorn, Mountain Flower, Bugloss, Blessed Thistle and Lady’s Smock. I’ve shared a map showing every alchemy node location in the Hollow City. They respawn quickly and you can run around and around the city endlessness gathering them. If you build a farmer, I suggest increasing your movement speed using sets like Coward’s Gear, Prisoner’s Rags and the Wild Hunt mythic ring to make the farming go faster. The mats are great and there are no ads to fight, but the best time to farm is when fewer people are online.

Uncommon Reagents: ESO has introduced a few rare reagents used for recipes, furnishings and special potions. These include: Clam Gall and Powdered Mother of Pearl from Summerset; Dragon’s Blood, Dragon’s Bile and Dragon’s Rheum from Elsweyr; Vile Coagulant from Western Skyrim; Crimson Nirnroot from Blackreach.

I recommend you research farms for these online or ask people in your guilds how they farm for them. Some secrets I will take to my grave.