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Trader Stall Analysis

Below is a breakdown on stats regarding individual trading stalls throughout Tamriel. Each stall is identified by their corresponding zone, specific location, and specific stall.

Current Streak: The number of weeks that the guild who currently holds that stall has been in that specific location.

Longest Streak: The longest number of consecutive weeks any guild has held that specific stall.

Guilds: The number of unique guilds that have won that stall.

Ghosted*: The number of times that stall has been won by a dummy guild.

* Burn and Snipe guilds are both listed under “Ghosted” in this list. The main difference between the two is the motivation behind the bid. Burn guilds bid lower amounts in lesser areas as a safety net for major traders. Snipe guilds bid high amounts in prime areas to lock major traders out. Both types of guilds are identified by their complete lack of sales inventory, however due to the trading system update allowing multiple bids, Burn guilds have diminished greatly.