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Guild Auction Information


As a guild, we participate in a highly popular auction where we sell off materials harvested by farmers. The proceeds from these auctions fund our guild trader & event prizes. Our farmers also earn a cut of the proceeds for their efforts and generosity.

Auction Farmer Participation

To participate as an auction farmer you must mail a minimum of 5 shares to TSC Vault (sort roster by rank) by 11:59 pm on the Sunday preceding the upcoming auction. This allows management the necessary time to prepare for the event. Please consolidate your items when sending mail; if you are donating 24 Kutas, send a stack of 24 rather than 4 stacks of 8.

Do not deposit any items into the guild bank or send to any player other than TSC Vault. 

The Share Value list can be found below

Auction Farmer Paychecks

Paychecks are based upon individual share values*, which are determined by dividing net auction proceeds (amount of gold raised after auction expenses have been paid) by the total number of shares donated. That number will be multiplied by the number of shares donated by each individual.

Example: An auction has 1000 total shares donated and net proceeds are 10 million gold, each share donated is worth 10,000,000÷1000, or 10,000 gold.

Someone who donates: 5 shares will receive a 50,000 gold paycheck; 20 shares, 200,000 gold; 35 shares, 350,000 gold; 50 shares, 500,000 gold; and so on. 

Please keep in mind there is always a risk when dealing with auctions. Profit and payments will vary week to week.

Accepted Donations & Share Values