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The Man Behind The Mask ... and the mission

     If you don’t know who he is, N0BLEtruth is one of Bloodthirsty Alcoholics’ leaders. As co-manager of the Omega ball group, he is responsible for putting together comp builds and running group at least once a week. I can tell you from personal experience putting together ball group builds is painstaking. You have to know every little bit of skills, passives, sets, etc. Then you have to effectively balance buffs, debuffs, damage and healing across 12 different players. You have to know your enemies, be able to read the map, understand campaign scoring, know when to fight offensively or go on defense. On top of all that, you have to not only lead a group of 11 other people but be able to effectively communicate with and relate to them individually. The Omega members range in age from 17 to upwards of 70. This mixed with a variety of personalities and an intense thirst for battle creates a wild bloodthirsty alcoholic coctail. Any of the BA group leaders will tell you it’s not an easy job and it takes a very special kind of person.

     Noble is a great asset to the guild and ESO (he also writes a monthly article on PVP for the Tamriel Free Press), but something most of you may not know, is just how great he is at being human. He’s humble, kind, generous, caring, a brilliant star shining his light everywhere he goes. People who know him on a more personal level in game will tell you he is always going out of his way to help a fellow guildie with builds, crafting, even the occasional PVE adventure. But what about IRL Noble? Let me tell you! Everything he is in game, amplify that by 1000 in the real world. He had a rough start in life, but he made the best of it, pushing himself to become a real life master crafter. He can build just about anything, from knick-knacks to complete homes, and having seen some of it myself I can tell you he’s an exceptionally skilled craftsman. He’s a full blown mad science alchemist, not only rescuing babies from the plant shelter and giving them a forever home, he also breeds new plants and crafts homemade teas. He even does some enchanting and jewelry crafting! Say what!? You can see the wire wrapped pendant he made for me in the pics I shared. I say all the time I have the worst luck and Jade is know to bring prosperous vibes to it’s wearer. Pretty thoughtful, huh?

   Now that I’ve shared some details about him as a person, let me explain why I decided to start this fundraiser. Noble needs a new Xbox if we want to keep him in the game. Plain and simple. His OG Xbox is on it’s last leg and he can barely play as is, pushing the poor ol’ console to it’s limits. The issue at hand is getting a new console simply isn’t in his budget. He is a single dad and his daughter lives with him full time. She’s at that wonderful pre-teen age all of us parents dread with all our children. Ugh… puberty. Up until a few years ago he owned and operated his own construction business, but when his mom became ill and needed someone to care for her, he gave up his dream job to stay home and be her full time caretaker. He has a small family and there simply is no one else who can take on the responsibility. Because she needs around the clock monitoring, he doesn’t even get to leave the house very often. Is he more deserving of this than others? I can’t say that with absolute certainty. What I can say is he’s the most deserving person I know and if each of us can donate just a few dollars, I really think we can make this happen for him.

The Goal: As you can see in the progress bar above, I have the goal set at $1000. This not only covers the cost of a new Xbox Series X console, it also covers the cost of delivery. I would really like to deliver it to him in person so I can record his reaction and share it with all of you. If we can’t reach that goal, the cost of the console and shipping is about $600 total (I shipped one from Michigan to Texas last year, and that’s about what it cost then). Either way, I will provide proof of purchase and delivery so you know your donations were used as intended, and payments will be refunded if for some terrible reason we can’t make this happen at all.

I thank all of you for your time, generosity, and… discretion. Please don’t let him in on this. It will be so much more fun if it’s a surprise!

– SavageAFmk

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