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How do I sum up the past year? Here goes nothing!

     As we close out the year, the ESO Xbox Sales database has reached it’s 99th week of production. The past year has been quite different than most of us anticipated; pandemics, politics and protests have flooded our lives, indirectly for some and neck deep for others. One thing we’ve all had in common is ESO. Shut downs and strict social distancing requirements provided me the opportunity to spend more time on this project, ultimately leading to a complete makeover. Just a few months ago I launched the new website including a database search tool along with the Discord server & bot.

     The database is approaching its second anniversary and I’ve been at the helm for the majority of that time. I can’t count the number of hours and sleepless nights I’ve spent on data entry, formula building, problem solving, marketing, etc. I’m a spreadsheet junkie, but I have zero background in web development, so everything I’ve done has been self taught. The help I’ve received from others has been crucial for success and I am eternally grateful for them. As for the users, each and every one is vital to the success and continuation of ESO Xbox Sales.

     At the beginning of 2020, the website was averaging 10,000 hits and 2000 unique visitors a month. By September those numbers increased to 25,000 and 4500, respectively. Just in December alone, the website has had almost 50,000 views and a little over 6200 unique visitors. While the Play Store app had to be dissolved, the companion web app saw about 2000 users a month. As for Discord, there are currently 450 members on the ESO Xbox Sales server and the bot has been added to more than 200 community servers. It seems to me the market is more stable than it has ever been and thanks to all of you, I would consider 2020 a successful year!

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Moving along…

     Feedback from the community is vital to what we do. While I may not always respond (unintentionally), I always listen to what the community has to say. I even outright ask for it at times. While some requests are not possible to make happen (I really am sorry iOS users!), I try my best to deliver what the people want.

I recently received some feedback and would like to take a moment to address it in case there are others who feel the same but haven’t spoken up.

Concerns Presented:

  1. Lack of data
  2. Infrequent updates
  3. Old/Outdated Data
  4. Misleading Players
  5. Damaging the Economy

My Responses:

  1. Users don’t see what the back end looks like. At this exact moment the database shows you 92,164 sales, which is composed of over 1 million individual items. It may seem like a small number of sales when you look at Tempering Alloy and see only 94 sales recorded, but this is because we don’t count duplicate transactions as individual sales. Example: purchasing 10 temps that were sold individually by the same player for the same price is counted as one sale, not ten.
    Why do I do this? One simple answer, formula processing. There are 160,806 unique mathematical formulas in the database. Every time a change is made, something as simple as changing a misspelled Kuto to Kuta, the database has to recalculate EVERY… SINGLE… FORMULA.
  2. Data is pulled from guilds every week and uploaded to the database. A bulk data upload is done every Wednesday and data from contributors is added as their sales history clips come in and we get them transcribed. The services you use are automatically synced to the database once a day, somewhere around midnight.
    This one time, right before Christmas, I uploaded data, but didn’t wait for the the gazillion formulas to finish recalculating before I shut my computer down and headed out to spend the holiday with family. Because the database didn’t complete the recalculation, the auto sync failed and y’all were without sales data for almost 2 days. My bad!*
  3. “Old” data is purged once a month (the wonderful monthly data dump). The live database holds up to 90 days of sales, but not every item has 90 days worth of sales. Items with a high volume of sales are purged every month. This includes crafting materials, some set items (like Mother’s Sorrow), and popular motifs, just to name a few. Sales for items we don’t see very often, like the “Figurine, The Fish and the Unicorn” sketch recipe, are stored longer. Once a new sale comes in for it, the old sale data is purged. This way of purging was adapted after the community raised it’s voice about data not being available for these rare items. 
  4. I’m not so sure the information provided is misleading. Every bit of data entered into the database is pulled directly from the in game sales history of multiple guilds (keep reading and you’ll find a list of all the guilds we currently use). We pull data from traders all across Tamriel. Why? We’re dealing with a global market. The data must be sourced globally to be anywhere close to accurate.
    We compile this data and provide a snapshot of the in game guild trading market for everyone to see. Do people use this information to help them make sales? Yes. Are these sales successful? Also Yes. If it works for you, great! If it doesn’t, let me know why and maybe there’s something we can do to make it useful for you.
  5. I have to be honest, this one stung a little. Everything we do is to help the community have a better understanding of the trading market. If I thought even for an second ESO Xbox Sales was causing more harm than good, I’d throw the towel in right then.
    That’s simply not the case, though. Personally, I’ve received hundreds of messages and in game shout outs about how users love the services available to them. My contributors and associates can say the same. I’ve been playing this game since it launched way back in 2014 and have been involved in the trading market ever since. I watch it, I use it, I’ve managed multiple guilds in it. I eat, sleep, and bleed in this market. Seriously, this is what I do every single day and I know what I’m doing. If you see a flaw, I would love for you to message me with a solution. Teamwork makes the dreamwork!

*Side Note: If you experience issues with any of ESO Xbox Sales’ services, even the smallest things, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE reach out and let me know. You can contact me through the website, Band App, Facebook, Xbox Live, or even in game. Sometimes we don’t know there’s an issue unless someone points it out but we will fix it as soon as possible.

As I said before, I take feedback very serious. As a result of the aforementioned concerns, I have a couple of very big changes in the works and it’s likely there will be a couple long periods of down time during the next 48 hours. All I ask for is a little patience while we implement the changes. There is no perfect system, however we do try our best and hope you’re as excited about this update as we are.

Another post will go out detailing what these changes are and what they mean for you once the update is completed.

Still with me? It’s finally time for the good stuff!

First off, here’s a shout out to the guilds I pull data from:

  • Apocalypse Traders
  • Ashes of Red Mountain
  • Bloodthirsty Alcoholics
  • Cramps
  • Dawn of the Wicked
  • Embers of Red Mountain
  • ESO Traiding
  • Eve of the Wicked
  • Five Tenets Trading
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Too
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Mischievous Misfits
  • Nirn Of Your Business
  • Squizzys Trade Syndicate
  • Strenght of Warriors
  • Thee Dragonborn Warriors
  • Unify
  • Warriors Might


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Next we’re looking at our trading champions!

♫ I got 99 weeks and these guilds all won ♫ (you know that tune ^_^)

Each of these guilds has successfully hired a trader every single week:

  • Dungeons and Drinking
  • Gang of Richards
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Too
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Squizzys Trade Company
  • Strength of Warriors
  • Vixxen’s Valiant
  • Vixxen’s Valor


Which guild has held onto their stall longer than anyone else???

Image courtesy of Bethesda via

Silk Road Trading Company

leading the pack with a whopping 38 weeks!

Congrats to you all for your continued success!

And last, but never least…

A heartfelt shout out to each and every one of you! Words cannot explain just how much I appreciate the ESO Xbox NA community support.

Much love, Happy New Year, and as always, happy trading – SavageAFmk