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Hey y’all! Notice something a little different today? That’s right, got a makeover!

First of all, I’d like to give a warm welcome to my new partner in crime, the ever so amazing [REDACTED]. Without him, none of this would be possible!

Welcome to the new ESO Xbox Sales brand! No, it’s not just a picture (you can thank [REDACTED] for being our graphic designer). Keep on reading for all the juicy details!


As most of you know, ESO Xbox Sales History started in January 2019. The original project was created by ArchAmber. By June 2019, life set her on a different path and she passed the reins over to me. Since then, I’ve made small changes here and there, but nothing as big as this!

I am super excited to announce our brand new website!

Y’all spoke, I listened! Here are a few new features:

1. .COM vs .APP
Why the domain change? Well, it goes like this. The .com website was hosted by a 3rd party provider. Unless I paid out of pocket for additional services, we were very limited with what could be done. We now own the domain and have more capabilities to bring you the best user experience possible. The .app website also ensures encryption and website security. Safety first, right?


Just start typing in the box and an item name will pop up with the associated prices. At this time, the search only shows the first item in the database it comes across, but we’ll be looking for ways to improve as we go along. For now, its a really neat tool to help you find items a little quicker.


The lists have greatly improved load times, they are easier to scroll through, and the BEST part (in my opinion) is the top row scrolls with the list, so you always know what you’re looking at!
Something regarding item lists that has been suggested many times, but we will never be able to provide is item traits. In game sales history does not display traits and we can’t provide something that isn’t there.

3. This isn’t a new feature, but an FYI

The trader pages still pull from the database to display information, so if the grid doesn’t load, simply refresh your browser and it should pop up. This is another area we will be looking to improve.


I’m sure there’s more I could tell you about, but I’m just too excited to think. Eventually we will be looking at ways to improve the web/mobile app, but since we do all of this in our free time, we can only handle so much at once.

ESO Xbox Sales proudly provides the community with a resource unlike any other, 100% factual data pulled directly from the sales history of in game trading guilds. We hope you enjoy the new website and welcome any feedback or criticisms that will help up improve the user experience even more!

As always, much love and happy trading! – SavageAFmk