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Did y’all know October is my favorite month of the year? Changing of the leaves, cider mill donuts, bonfires, festivals galore, and of course… HALLOWEEN! In the great land of Tamriel we celebrate the Witch’s Festival, which is fast approaching. And what does the Witch’s Fest bring us? PLUNDER! What is plunder good for? GOLD! What is gold good for? BUYING STUFF! And where do we buy stuff? GUILD TRADERS!

Getting to my point now, I just want to remind everyone as we move into the heavy event season with an upcoming zone DLC that is sure to bring us plenty of new items, the sales data we provide is based on SALES HISTORY, which means new stuff isn’t available right away. Sales history is mined each week on Wednesday, then sent to me for processing which takes anywhere from 1 to 3 days, depending on the amount of sales provided and how many errors need correcting, which is growing less and less each week thanks to TSC’s programmer. I won’t bore you with all the nerd talk though.

I’d also like to remind everyone of the sales database search tips. These are important bits that help you locate what you’re looking for. If you’re using the web search tool, click on the “search tips” link at the top of the page. If you’re using the Discord bot, use the “!help” command or visit the Introduction channel on the TSC server. I’ll be adding a help tab to the browser app soon as well (let’s not talk about why there isn’t one already… meep) .

That brings me to the best news to come from the TSC Office in quite some time!

Do you think you can handle it?

Are you ready?

Here we go!

No more Overland Treasure Maps! ALL treasure maps will now listed by ZONE!
Betnikh, Stonefalls, Auridon, Bangkorai, Khenarthi’s Roost, Eastmarch, and beyond. You should see this change take effect with the next data update, which I hope to have completed today or early tomorrow. 

30 Second Dance Party!

Dancers: Effing Frazee, MuseOfShadow, MystickaPegasus, HolyPuddinPop, SC Riuren, Legendary Rage & Gamer92Mom

Time for Trading Guild Shoutouts!

I’d like to take a moment to recognize Apocalypse Traders for hiring the same guild stall for 71 weeks, the most consecutive weeks on record! If you know the GM, give him a virtual high five for all the hard work he’s put in!

Last time I did a shoutout post, the leading guild was allegedly sniped the very next week. I’m sincerely hoping that doesn’t happen because maintaining a streak take serious time, dedication, and stress to achieve. Spread some love and let’s celebrate each other!

TSC has been in recording trader locations for 138 weeks now. Only 5 guilds have managed to hire a trader every one of those weeks. 

Squizzys Trade Company
Lunacy Trinity
Strength of Warriors
Gang of Richards

Last but not least, I’d like to thank all of the guilds who’ve opted in to the TSC Guild Partner program, granting us access to their trader sales history! I am humbly grateful to all of you!

  • Apocolypse Traders
  • Ashes of Red Mountain
  • Black Hand Trading
  • Bloodthirsty Alcoholics
  • Breaking the Wheel
  • Dawn of the Wicked
  • Embers of Red Mountain
  • ESO Grand Designs
  • ESO Traiding
  • Five Tenets Trading
  • Flames of Red Mountain
  • Free Trader Syndicate
  • Gang of Richards
  • Island of Blades
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Mischeivous Misfits
  • Morthal Trading Inc
  • Nirn of Your Business
  • Reapers Trading Co
  • Silk Road Trading
  • Squizzys Trading Co
  • Strength of Warriors
  • Sumomo Warehouse
  • Tamazon
  • Tamriel Public Assistance
  • Thee Dragonborn Warriors
  • This is Not a Cult
  • Vaults of the Consortium
  • Vixxens Valor
  • Wal-Mard
  • Warriors Might

I am looking to add one more guild to the roster, so if you are a GM or officer of a trading guild and are interested in joining, let me know! I do have 3 requirements:

  1. You must hire a trader each week in a city location. 
  2. You must have at least 100 pages of sales each week.
  3. Access must be granted dues free.

Not having a trader one week or another due to competition is OK, but guilds that consistently hire wayshrine or refuge traders aren’t accepted because traffic and sales volume is inconsistent. Dues cannot be paid because, well as you can see I’m already in a lot of guilds and there’s no way I could keep up with dues in all of them.

Make sure y’all are getting your Blackwood achievements done for the event! I want that tubby dummy! – Happy trading, SavageAFmk