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It’s been a smidge since I’ve put out a shout outs update and since TSC just hit 130 weeks I thought this to be a great opportunity to do so! There’s so much going on behind the scenes right now though, I’m keeping it short and sweet.

First off, I’d just like to remind everyone we launched our sponsorship program last month. Head over to the Donate page for all the details! All sponsorships and donations received help fund the cost of keeping TSC and it’s resources in operation!

Next, I’d like to take a moment to mention all of the guilds contributing sales data… all 30 of them. If you’re in one of these guilds, be sure to show some love to your GMs and staff! Without them, Tamriel Savings Co. would not exist!

  • Apocolypse Traders
  • Ashes Of Red Mountain
  • Black Hand Trading
  • Breaking the Wheel
  • Cramps
  • Dawn of the Wicked
  • Embers Of Red Mountain
  • ESO Grand Designs
  • ESO Traiding
  • Five Tenets Trading
  • Flames of Red Mountain
  • Gang of Richards
  • Lunacy
  • Lunacy Trinity
  • Mischievous Misfits
  • Morthal Trading INC
  • Nirn Of Your Business
  • Silk Road Trading Company
  • Squizzys Trade Company
  • Strength Of Warriors
  • Tamazon
  • Tamazon Prime
  • Tamriel Public Assistance
  • Thee Dragonborn Warriors
  • This Is Not A Cult
  • Vaults of the Consortium
  • Vixxen’s Valor
  • Warriors Might

Next it’s time to give a shout out to the guild of all guilds, still holding onto their stall the longest…

Silk Road Trading Company has hired
the same stall for 69 weeks straight!

Hot on their tail is Apocalypse Traders at 63 weeks!


The next guild in line is at 37 weeks, which should tell you just how hard it is to hire the same stall from one week to the next! Knowing the GM of both guilds, I can tell you they put in a LOT of work to maintain their traders. If you’re a member of either, give them a virtual high five!

That’s it for now, back in my hole I go! It’s not so bad in there, honestly. I’m working on something I’m personally very excited about and if it all works out, I think y’all will like it too!
Until next time, HAPPY TRADING and SAVING! – SavageAFmk