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Hey y’all! I’m looking to add 2 more guilds to the TSC sales data roster! There are a few requirements to make the cut though:

  1. The guild must consistently hire a trader every week in any zone capital. The busier the trading hub, the better!
  2. The guild must have a minimum 100 pages of sales data each week.
  3. My alt account must be granted dues free membership. I’m in a lot of guilds (28 currently) and simply cannot afford to pay dues in all of them. 

What does the guild get out of it? Bragging rights of course. Being one of the guilds that helps provide sales data for the most used app on the ESO Xbox NA server is pretty dope I dare say!
If you have a guild or are in a guild that is interested in joining the roster, slide into my DM’s on Band, Discord, Twitter, Facebook, or even Xbox (@SavageTSC), and I’ll get you a GT to send the invite to.

Curious what guilds are currently on the TSC roster? Here’s a full list:
Apocalypse Traders
Ashes Of Red Mountain
Black Hand Trading
Breaking The Wheel
Cottages and Courtyards
Daedroth Ate My Baby
Dawn of the Wicked
Embers Of Red Mountain
Five Tenets Trading
Flames of Red Mountain
Gang of Richards
Gibby’s Flea Market
Island of Blades
Mischievous Misfits
Molten Whip
Reapers Trading Co
Squizzys Trade Company
Strength Of Warriors
Tamriel’s Finest
The Order of Reapers
Thee Dragonborn Warriors
This Is Not A Cult
Vaults of the Consortium
Vixxen’s Valor
Warriors Might