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Tis the Season of Change

Hello my fellow Tamrielians! It’s been quite some time since I’ve put out and update and now seems like the perfect time.

Where's the Price Fetcher???

First and foremost, there have been some changes to the Item Database web page you’ve grown familiar with:

  1. will no longer direct you to the page with the TSC Price Fetcher. This page contains the item sales data by category that were previously each their own webpage
  2. You can find the Price Fetcher at 

Now lets talk about ads. Unfortunately, ads are a necessary evil because they help pay our operation costs; more ads equals more revenue. When TSC first started, it was simply a hobby. I haven’t worked outside the home since the ol’ pandemic started and since then it’s grown exponentially! It’s quite literally become a full time job, and then some. I’m going to get a bit personal now… Over the past few months I’ve been dealing with some serious life stuff… scary health issues, losing my home, paying my own bills (I don’t get paid for the 70+ hours a week I spend on TSC related work). If it weren’t for ads, this baby would cease to exist.

That being said, if you’re interested, head over to our Donate page and see what you can do to help! If everyone who uses a TSC resource pitched in a buck or two a month we’d rest a little easier at night for sure. And you just might get a vinyl TSC Coin logo sticker!

Moving on to brighter topics...

I’ve been asked a lot lately how I get the data/where do the prices come from. Well, I have 6 unique Xbox accounts used for obtaining the data. I’m currently recording sales history from THIRTY ONE guilds each week (including my own). Every Tuesday I plop my butt in front of my trusty Xbox One X with an unhealthy supply of caffeine & my goofball fluffy puppers to scroll through and video record between 18 and 20 THOUSAND pages of sales. Last week’s data pull was 18,533 pages (two guilds didn’t secure a trader for the week), and at 8 sales a page… that’s roughly 150,000 sales recorded each week! If you have pet pics to share, head over to the TSC Discord because I would love to see them! Animals make Savage a happy human.

Pan Theodonis doing his best to keep me on task... ZZZ

What are some things you can expect to see from TSC in the upcoming months? A lot of back end updating on the TSC Assistant Discord bot and hopefully some cosmetic updates to the website (I’m do data not design, so don’t expect amazing quality ☺). Unfortunately, one of my favorite TSC resources, the Tamriel Free Press, was put to bed because there just weren’t enough article writers to warrant the extra labor. However, I could be convinced to open up the press room again if enough volunteers showed up at the door. I have a few ideas brewing for the Discord server as well! 

I think that about does it for now. Giving a massive shout out to all the amazing people who help and volunteer for Tamriel Savings Co, whether it be with the website, Discord server, or in-game guild. You know who you are… best support team a gal could ask for. And a big shout out to all the guilds (listed below) who’ve graciously allowed a sus level 3 TSC Staff account join their guild and feed on their sales data!

As always, happy trading! – SavageTSC

Ashes Of Red Mountain
Black Hand Trading
Breaking The Wheel
Cottages and Courtyards
Daedroth Ate My Baby
Dawn of the Wicked
Embers Of Red Mountain
Five Tenets Trading
Flames of Red Mountain
Gang of Richards

Gibby’s Flea Market
Golden Coyote Trading Co
Golden Jackal Trading Co
Island of Blades
Mischievous Misfits
Reapers Trading Co
Sanity Reclaimed
Squizzys Trade Company
Strength Of Warriors

Tamriel’s Depot
The Order of Reapers
Thee Dragonborn Warriors
This Is Not A Cult
Unity of Heroes
Vaults of the Consortium
Vixxen’s Valor
Warriors Might

And in honor of TSC’s 4 year anniversary in February… a bonus puppers pic!