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Hey y’all… Praise the Eights!!! The database has been running a full year now. It wouldn’t have come this far without YOUR support. Much love and appreciation to all of Tamriel!

First, here’s a couple updates:

1. The Google Play Store debacle – For the foreseeable future the Android app can only be installed by downloading the APK file (found on the website). Not as convenient, but at least it still works.
2. The website has received a bit of a makeover. This update was actually a bit of fun for me. Forward motion!
3. The monthly data dump for February has been completed and for those who are interested, the data can be found in the Archive section of the website.

Now for the good stuff!

I’d like to give a GINORMOUS THANK YOU to my data contributors this past month:

• Texassixxx
• Nleco
• graf808


Grab your grog and get ready for Guild Shout Outs!

A big CHEERS to the 3 guilds who’ve held the SAME trader stall the entire year we have been tracking (for those that have been counting, we’re actually at 55 weeks):

 • Dungeons and Drinking
 • Sweetroll Assassins
 • Vixxen’s Valor

They may not have secured the same stall each week, but also deserving shout outs are the guilds who’ve still managed to hire a stall every week:

 • Elden Root Squad
 • Gang of Richards
 • Gold Man Meta
 • Golden Sauce
 • Lunacy
 • Lunacy Rising
 • Lunacy Too
 • Lunacy Trinity
 • Old Man Meta
 • Squizzys Trade Company
 • Strength of Warriors
 • Vaults of the Consortium
 • Vixxen’s Valiant
 • West Empire Trade Company
 • Wincorp


Or just go back to ESO stuff… meep